Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum – The Best Kind of Beauty Pageant

Bottoms up! It’s been a bit over a month since Brazil’s annual “Miss BumBum” contest for the election of booty queen of 2012, held in a Sao Paulo hotel! These days, the eyes of the world are on Carine Felizardo and her sexy bumbum!

A jury of six women and five men chose 25-years old Felizardo among other 15 finalists in the second annual edition of the pageant. Andressa Urach, 25, finished second, while 21-years-old Camila Vernaglia from Sao Paulo state, came in third. The first round was determined by online voters, which means that the fate of 27 luscious buttocks was in the capable hands of voters.


Carine Felizardo, a curvy Jessica Simpson lookalike, is proudly carrying a title of Miss Bum Bum, that rewards her for having the country’s sexiest backside.  She was awarded with $2, 500 check and said:


“I am overwhelmed, very, very happy. I would like to thank those who voted for me, those who believed in me, my family, my friends.” This extremely happy girl with amazing behind is also single lady with a very pretty face.


“I am very proud of my bumbum (as Brazilians call the backside), proud to represent Brazilian woman”, she said and added that she owes her victory to the years of hard gym training.  Felizardo also said:” I feel fully realized. I really did not expect to win. It is a dream come true.”

The Miss BumBum pageant is only in its second year of existence and it already draw a lot of attention of the notoriously butt-loving Brazilians.  Every man would definitely love to be a part of the judging team. Rosana Ferreira – last year’s Miss Bumbum, was a member of jury team and she was the one that delivered the verdict after the contestants sashayed down the catwalk. First in evening dresses, and after that in string bikinis that were revealing the sexiest part of their bodies.


Young ladies have been working really hard to get ready for the final. They also took surfing and jungle training courses to tighten their buns. Cacau Oliver, a famous female beauty spotter, said: “The Brazilian woman’s derriere is a part of the body that the whole world admires and the contest just reaffirms this.”


Alike every other beauty pageant, this booty pageant couldn’t pass without a scandal. One of the contestants, Cibelle Riberio was almost disqualified amid suspicions she may have had buttock implants. At first, she refused to take an X-ray, which almost derailed her spot in the running. Nevertheless, after a while, she submitted an X-ray and she was back in the running.

Only the fact that this content exists is like a dream come true for all those booty lovers out there. The further proof that all the best things in the world are made in Brazil is included in the amazing picture gallery that you can find below this text.


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