26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

When patience and passion for something that you love join their forces, nothing is impossible. One extremely patient and devoted photographer from the United States got an idea to shoot the patterns of butterfly wings which will show the ’26 letters of alphabet’, and it took him ‘only’ 24 years to do it!

26 letters on wings of butterflies01 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

All these tremendous photos are showing bright patterns captured from moths and butterflies wings. Each of these patterns is unique, and their role is to either attract the opposite sex, or to serve as a camouflage to avoid predators. The name of the 86 years old photographer,which is currently residing in the United States, is Sand Wade.

26 letters on wings of butterflies02 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

Displaying the English alphabet for each letter, these are some pictures where he found the compositions of butterflies or moths flying patterns.  Later, he published the letters found in the nature, the number of  words and symbols, and color collections. He completed the two alphabets and it took him 24 years to finally succeed. Although it is a long period of time, he continued his pursuit. Recently, he published photographs of patterns, some of them in a shape of the face, eyes, & numbers, the Greek letter pi, while some of them even had the shape of cats and rats.

26 letters on wings of butterflies03 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

In 1960, Sand Wade was a 38 years old man who decided to leave his birthplace and move from Norway to the United States, where he began this distinctive lifelong pursuit. He was busy compiling a book about the nature for the encyclopedia. Also, he wrote about classical music and European art encyclopedia, and decided to visit Washington. When he first came there, the city’s director of the Smithsonian Institution agreed to let him see their Museum collection. Sand Wade said: “One day a miracle happened. I found my life’s real cause. In a Cuban cigar box full of butterflies and moths. They were flying,  and suddenly I saw a beautiful letter ‘F’. I will never forget that moment. I thought, ‘Oh! God! How can such a beautiful thing from the nature have a form of something so meaningful? ‘” Box with the butterflies has lost most of the colors, therefore Sand started thinking how and where could he find more of these perfect images. So he began to travel around the world, looking for more letters. He has been through more than 30 adventures in plenty of countries, including Brazil, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

26 letters on wings of butterflies04 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

Sand Wade said that what he first found in the nature were symmetrical shapes and symbols, such as “O”, “X” and “I”, then “R”, “F” and the “G”, which were the most common letters he was able to capture during his initial ‘hunting’ days.

26 letters on wings of butterflies05 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

Sand Wade said that an eye shape is also very easy to find. Butterflies, fish and peacocks, and many other animals have eye markings over their body, which is their natural defense. These markings would often fool the predators, because they produce the illusion that they will soon become the victims, and that fear makes their predators to go into another direction.

26 letters on wings of butterflies06 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

Just like people love to dress to impress each other, complex patterns can also help these animals to attract their mating objects. The similarity between the patterns we see in the nature and the letters we use, which are presented on their bodies can be just a coincidence.

26 letters on wings of butterflies07 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

After all, he put his brain through the exercise, to identify the special shapes. Human eye can quickly see the selected shape, such as letters and numbers and so on, it’s just important to look closely. Butterfly itself does not pay attention to the letter “K” and “Q”. They will only pay attention to who they want to be close to or far away as possible.

26 letters on wings of butterflies08 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

Sand Wade’s search for the letters in the nature and the environment have inspired him to make more correct evaluation. In his quest he found a lot of interesting prints on the animals, plants and all kinds of strange symbols which made him surprised and excited at the same time. Sand Wade repeatedly printed on a poster. He said: “This is how I can think that science and life explained complex relationship between the presentation of the most profound. I understand, the more and more I try to find different shapes, the more he was able to see. He said that our brain is like a box, it is hard to think outside of it, because we always want to feel comfortable in what we know.

26 letters on wings of butterflies09 26 Letters of Alphabet on Butterfly Wings

After years of Sand Wade’s pursuit  in which he was observing the complex natural phenomena and filming it, he gave up the idea to try to understand it all. He realized that the life we live in is full of the unknown and surprises. Sand Wade’s energy and passion which he devoted to his life cause made him a very lucky and happy man. He said: “These things are so interesting.” His work has been successful. His photographs are very attractive, inspiring, and overall incredibly creative. He was able to inspire many other people to continue his pursuit and teach them how to ‘think outside of the box’, which is an incredible thing to learn.

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